Ensuring Delivery Safety and Security: The Role of On-Board Couriers

In logistics and parcel delivery, the safety and security of packages are important. Here, on-board couriers (OBCs) help in multiple ways. They hand-carry shipments to their destinations, ensuring they arrive safely and on time.

Today, we will explore how on-board couriers function. Click here to know more about how this process works in detail.

The Importance of On-Board Couriers to Ensure Shipment Safety

These days, where time-sensitive deliveries are increasingly common. And the role of on-board couriers has become more crucial. They are often called upon to deliver critical documents, urgent medical supplies, or high-value items. Their direct involvement in the delivery process ensures a high level of security and personal accountability.

  1. Secure Chain of Custody

On-board couriers ensure the safety of sensitive cargo through a secure chain of custody. They supervise each packet from the moment they get it until it reaches the recipient. This unbroken chain of custody minimizes the risk of loss, theft, or damage.

  1. Specialized Packaging Techniques

On-board couriers are trained in proper packaging techniques, which minimizes the risk of damage during transit. They know how to handle various types of cargo. They ensure appropriate packaging according to its nature and air travel requirements.

  1. Expedited and Direct Transportation

The primary advantage of using an on-board courier service is the expedited and direct transportation of goods. Couriers can quickly navigate through airports and use the fastest routes to deliver the package. They often board the first available flight, reducing transit times significantly.

  1. Personalized Service and Flexibility

On-board courier services are highly personalized. Couriers can adapt to sudden changes in plans, such as flight delays or cancellations. They are skilled in finding alternative solutions quickly, ensuring the delivery is not unduly delayed.


On-board couriers are a reliable solution for ensuring the safety and security of deliveries. At Scan Global Logistics, we offer on-board courier services to deliver your time-critical shipments safely by hand. Our onboard courier service (OBC) boards the first available airplane to escort your time-sensitive goods person-to-person anywhere in the world. Our service is fast, easy, and reliable, ensuring your package is always in safe hands.